Monday, June 4, 2012

Castle Rock Dry Creek Valley 2007 Zinfandel

Castle Rock Dry Creek Valley 2007 Zinfandel, $6.11-$14.99, 88 points, is a "Last Chance" wine I bought at the Bedford NHLS, but after I bought this on Saturday there was only one left, and Jim said they had been flying off the shelf; I'm glad I got one!
This Zin has a light ruby color.
The aroma begins with a bit of funk (gave me some concern), yet I was able to stir that away and bring out some rather nice sweet cherry.
A medium body carries good acidity and back-ground tannin.
While flavors of red cherry and tangy bramble-berry fruit were good, this is not a particularly complex wine. However the finish was quite long on peppery spice.
Castle Rock Dry Creek Valley 2007 Zinfandel is the near perfect beverage with that New York style pizza, and my guess is that at this price you could afford a second pizza.


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  1. Dennis,

    I've always been impressed with Castle Rock's Pinot Noirs (at the $15 and under price point, some of the best out there), but have not tried any of their other bottlings. I'll be on the lookout for this one.


  2. Wow, maybe I need to turn in for the night.

    1. Nick, I have a number of their wines, but just haven't gotten around to tasting them. Believe me when I say I had forgotten the $6.11 price-point, and after tasting this, I understood why they were "flying off the shelf".

    2. The wow referred to me misspelling my name above.

  3. Nick, I just did some score reviews and they varied from 75-89 points, and I began to wonder if I was drinking the same wine! Well, the 82 score by SH was something like 3 years ago; this wine did have some rough edges, but I almost expect that from Dry Creek, and also I think the time in the bottle may have settled this Zin down a bit. Anyway, let this be a disclaimer if you don't like the wine (I'll stick to my initial impression however and avow this as a buy and drink now wine.

    1. I did just find this: Wine & Spirits (February 2011) Castle Rock 2007 Mendocino County Zinfandel awarded 87 points and a BEST BUY, one of “The Year’s Best Zinfandels.” – “A simple, gentle red for grilled meats.”
      So, taste, judge, and let me know.
      Thanks, Dennis

    2. Dennis,

      Will do. I tend to drink a lot of zin, especially in the summer. Must be all the barbecues!