Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jacob's Creek 2010 Moscato

Jacob's Creek 2010 Moscato, $6.99-$8.99, 87 points, speaks volumes as to why so many especially new wine drinkers are snapping-up these 'bargain' sweet wines. 
When drinking cold, this Moscato offers a splendid sensation of gentle sweetness, crisp, yet lush, with flavor hints of pineapple, orange fruit, and citrus.
The color is light lime, with citrus on the nose.
As this wine lost its chill it lost me too; with the "sweet" becoming too sweet, its appealing refreshment was replaced  with a cloying quality.
The trick is to pour cold just what you intend to drink within a few minutes.
Keep in mind that the alcohol is only 8% (typically low) and unnoticeable.


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