Sunday, June 24, 2012

Truchard Carneros Napa Valley Roussanne

Truchard Carneros Napa Valley Roussanne, $23.00, 88 points, bought at the Dover Wine Co.
The wine was quite clear in color with golden notes.
Aromatic tropical fruit and lychee made for a pleasant nose.
The medium body carried good acidity and flavors reflective of its aromatics with pineapple dominant, and made for a refreshing hot (oppressive) summer's afternoon thirst quencher.
Finished with some brute force tasted something like burnt butterscotch, herbal tea, and a blend of citrus; this wasn't my usual libation, but different and interesting.
The Truchard Carneros Napa Valley Roussanne was a bit pricey, but the excursion prepared me for future reference.


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  1. Interesting, you don't see too much Roussanne planted in Napa.

    1. Nick, this is another in the less-known wines which I'm trying to experience; I suppose if I were as young as you I'd just go to school and let the wines come to me, but you seem to be doing a fine job of experiencing many different varietals, and you should be commended for that (did you say 40 varietals?). For me it's fun, but at school it could become work for me, besides, two glasses and I'm ready for a nap.<'_'>

  2. Thanks Dennis. I tasted some nice Roussanne/Marsanne/Viognier blends in Washington, but I don't actually recall sampling a straight-up Roussanne. I'm trying to complete the Wine Century Club challenge--I'm in the upper 30 somethings. I knocked out the easy ones but am already seeing it's going to be difficult to come across the 100 varietals required. Have you tried many Viogniers? I'm becoming a fan, although there aren't too many domestic bottlings out there.


    1. I haven't tried Viognier as a single varietal, though I have several waiting in the wings.
      Yesterday I tried my first Gewurztraminer (Foris 2009) and I was very impressed. I'm certainly unafraid to sample different wines, but this one was dryer than I'd expected. So, I can see that this adventure will take some time, and I'm very glad that along the way I'm meeting some great fellow travelers, like you, in the virtual cyber world. Some, like Claire, are just having so much fun at it.
      Be well Nick,