Monday, December 17, 2012

Château Tayac Cuvée Labory Margaux 2009 Grand Vin De Bordeaux

Château Tayac Cuvée Labory Margaux 2009 Grand Vin De Bordeaux, $28.29-$35.99, 92 points, has excellent color clarity, highlighted with deep purples and deep reds, manifesting a youthful transparent edge.
The aroma begins with a near candy-cane sweetness, but soon is nuanced with cinnamon and laundered linen.
There's magic in this medium-plus bodied red wine, from color to aroma to balanced acidity and moderate tannin, to the robust pomegranate and spiced red cherry flavors, garlanded with vanilla and tobacco snowballing into a long finish gathering spiced red licorice, mint, and just a touch of warmth (13% alcohol).
Truly, a lovely wine! One that will always remind me of Christmas 2012.

Often, different melodies will remind us of occasions not truly associated with Christmas, but somehow Lara's Theme, always makes me think of Christmas in a melancholy kind of way. I wonder, is there anyone else with the same association?


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