Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mas Doix Costers de Vinyes Velles Priorat 2006 Red Wine

Mas Doix Costers de Vinyes Velles Priorat 2006 Red Wine, $74.99-$119.99, 95 points (48% Garnacha, 50% Cariñena and 2% Merlot), begins its therapeutic session with a glass-house filled with paintings of deep ruby and purple hues, legs long and sultry, rimmed with a silver lining.
Okay, I'll try and do away with metaphors, but keep in mind that such a wine as this should not be trivialized, because balance, even in a wine, makes a work of art, and this wine is so balanced as to be one of the best stand-alone wines I've yet tasted.
With a bouquet of fallen leaves, cinnamon, clove, cedar, earth, and mushrooms, add subtle hints of rose pedals and black and blue fruit, and this Priorat wine reminds me of just why I've loved them so much.
Juicy texture compliments the medium-plus body of good acidity and warm round tannin.
Flavors nuanced over some time are a list of the pleasantries of a seven-course-meal, with sweets, herbs, fruit, and meats, with a cherry-sherry sherbet dessert.
Okay, okay, I know, but what's a guy to do with a wine bigger than his vocabulary?
Yes, the finish is long on the palate flavors, but snowballing with a gingery-pepper spice and a touch of bourbon-heat (15% alcohol) caps-off this red wine of near perfection; I'll just sit back on the couch with a round glass of this wine and let Igor Stravinsky's Pastorale begin the healing.
Oh, as a Christmas gift? I'll take a case.
Merry Christmas!
Would you like some beautiful music? Celtic Woman - O Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste fideles)


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  1. Sounds nice - and I like the label.

    1. V-girl, if it hadn't been tasted so soon after the Amon-Ra, I think I'd have scored this wine 96 points, but it's very difficult for a more subtle wine to trump such a dramatic and complex wine as the Amon-Ra, so I had to decide to elevate the one and diminish the other; if I had to choose, I'd buy the Amon-Ra, but not by much. I guess this is the dilemma I get into with scoring wines.
      For the palate that prefers less spice, I'd recommend (Similar in price)the Mas Doix Costers de Vinyes Velles Priorat.
      TMI :-(