Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tom Eddy Napa Valley 2008 Malbec

Tom Eddy Napa Valley 2008 Malbec, $46.99-$64.99, 91 points, appeared inky black all the way to the crushed black currant purple/red leggy glass wall, where it was ringed silver-clear at the circumference.
The powerful aroma of black-cherry cordial, plum, earth, cedar, tobacco, and a light floral note were important as the flavor profile mirrored the aroma faithfully
Full bodied with lip-smacking acidity with a mouth puckering tannin which, though prominent and oxymoronic, was layered and not overwhelming, but intensified the finish of cayenne and black pepper with considerable heat (14.9% alcohol) and earthy plum. 


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  1. Label looks a lot like Siena by F-C. Kinda surprised they were able to get away with that. Different colors though........ Nice note. Malbec is a great steak wine. But man, I questions Napa's hubris at the upper end of that price range. "Original" Malbecs from Argentina don't run nearly that high and I bet many are just as good or better.

    1. Yeah, the labels are similar! Yeah, the price was (is) steep, and I'm unsure if Tom Eddy still makes this wine, but it was very good, and though I've not had many Malbecs, this was one of the best so far; after being open for three days, the last glass was still quite good, and that speaks volumes to me.