Friday, January 24, 2014

Wine Week (My perspective)

Wine Week is upon New Hampshire, and though the weather is near zero degrees cold (The California representatives will better appreciate sunny Cali), the "buzz" and the red wine is heating things up to a boil.
I'm not a crowd person, and my intimate enjoyment of wine requires what I call "cradling" a wine (getting to know "you" kind of thing that can take up to three days). However impractical that is, I understand that wine is business, and the festive aspects appeal to many, all the while understanding the event's importance: I'm not wanting to diminish any of those things.
So, if I was going to these wine tasting events, I would want to first confine myself to those few special wines I really want to get to know, and I'm one of those people that thinks that swallowing a wine is an important aspect in evaluating a wine, which at a customary wine tasting event isn't possible (putting wine in your mouth though, does cause some alcohol to be absorbed into your blood stream-even if you don't swallow), because soon I (you) will be drunk.
After really tasting a few special wines (don't forget to drink copious amounts of water, have a little food before tasting, and have some palate cleansers during the wine tasting, crackers, bread, and maybe a mild cheese), then, after the special wines have been tasted, at that time and considering my condition, I just might flutter like a butterfly about some of the lesser wines.
I would not use any perfumes that will distract (remember smelling a wine is important).
I'd also have a "designated driver", a cab, or other transportation arranged ahead of time. Being prepared would make my wine tasting festival mucho fun and maybe productive.
Oh, remember to go with friends, and that the festive atmosphere will influence your judgment of wine; just a couple of thoughts to consider!


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  1. A whole week of sounds so exciting.

    1. Though I'm not a direct participant, I'm glad there's lots of interest and activity about:-)

  2. Yes, I'm always glad that people get excited about's a great product :)