Monday, January 27, 2014

Yauquen 2011 Bonarda socks it to Fredric Koeppel; again!


Yauquen 2011 Bonarda, $6.75-$12.99, 87 points, appeared a slightly milky (soft) Concord grape purple with a thin clear circumferential rim, and trended near black at the core.
Teasing out sweet red cherry, toasty plum, and purple grape smells required considerable swishing and swirling, but the rewards were worth it.
Near full-bodied with vivid acidity and surprisingly sharp and persistent tannin, which I liked, others may not, but they gave backbone to what might otherwise have been a boring wine.
Flavors of coffee, oak, and black fruit were racy even though a bit syrupy late palate, but still good.
Finished on a trailing palate marked by tannin accelerating the spice notes with a hint of the 13.3% alcohol.
This red wine will pair well with beef, but should make for a good red table wine (not for the mellow Merlot lover) with a high QPR.


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