Monday, October 27, 2014

Merriam Vineyards Russian River 2012 Pinot Noir Cuvée

Merriam Vineyards Russian River 2012 Pinot Noir Cuvée, $19.99-$24.99, 92+ points, displayed a somewhat murky (unfiltered) pomegranate red with a broad transparent ring at the glass wall.
Aromatic marjoram, cardamom, black and red fruits, hints of coffee, and a gentle floral component were excellent.
A profoundly sophisticated medium body carried good acidity, gentle persistent tannin, and flavors that mirrored the aromas with a hint of strawberry and pomegranate.
The long silky finish concluded with mint, eucalyptus, and mild spice.
The more I discover Merriam Vineyard's wines, the more I'm confident that I'll be receiving more than I paid for in quality and value!


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  1. I can generally drink a Russian River Pinot, you've made this one sound very doable.

    1. VG: Can't sleep?
      Oh, I think you'll be impressed, but what do I know!