Sunday, October 12, 2014

NHWM takes you with photos for a short walk about Massabesic Lake where he grew-up!

This morning's walk with the NHWM at
Clark's Pond area of Massabesic Lake, Auburn, NH

Eastern Hemlock and White Pine silhouettes!


Apropos is the blazing October colors reflected upon Clark's pond!

Barbed Wire Braces a White Pine!

Japanese-like water weeds mirrored against the sky!

Joe-pye weed at the end!

Silver speckled berries?

Soon the sailing will turn to skating!

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  1. Stunning! You Sir are an amazing photographer with a special eye. Those shots are superb.

  2. Beautiful pics. Those reflected colours are amazing!

    1. VG: Thx! One time I was driving through South Woodstock Vermont and the sun was just right, and the leaves were like they were on fire! Sometimes it can be just amazing.