Friday, February 12, 2016

Beringer NV Red Moscato (Chile)

Beringer NV Red Moscato (Chile), $4.00, 84 points, appeared transparent matador-red with a markedly broad clear glass edge ring.
Smells of light floral strawberry and watermelon were okay.
Medium-bodied with fair to sub-fair acidity and delicately mild unsupportive tannin managed a rather sticky, moderately sweet, and fruity tipple; flavors of red cherry, strawberry, and guava were okay.
Finished unremarkably on an innocuous 11.5% alcohol and the sticky trailing palate.
This is a wine that will appeal to those SWEET wine lovers, and pair-able with complementary desserts.
Details of varietals or if fortified were not found.
I bought this wine at the Londonderry Market Basket.


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