Saturday, February 20, 2016

Shafer, why it's a "go to" winery.

Shafer, why it's a "go to" winery.
  Shafer, why it's a "go to" winery. It's not a "go to" winery because their wines are inexpensive, low in alcohol, or easy to find (easier than many), but because every time, no matter the price (spoiled bottles are a given), you buy a bottle of Shafer wine, you can be confident that you are buying a premiere wine, and premiere wines are not always easy to find in New Hampshire, and they can be considerably more expensive, if you can believe that!
Following are the Shafer wines I've tasted, and my high praise is hardly a solely subjective opinion, though the high alcohol levels have been criticized repeatedly; what I tell myself is this: If the alcohol level is appropriate to the wine, no matter the level, then that is how the wine must be judged: alcohol levels are not a litmus test, though they can be an indicator of a number of aspects, both good and bad, but this is beyond the purview of this post.
Shafer RELENTLESS Napa Valley 2008 Syrah, $53.54-$62.99, 96 points
Shafer Napa Valley Relentless 2009 Syrah, $53.54-$62.99, (current price $89.99), 93 points
Shafer Napa Valley 2013 Merlot, $47.59-$60.99, 93 points
Shafer Napa Valley 2014 Merlot, $47.59-$60.99, 92 points

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