Monday, January 2, 2017

Red Wine, How I Neglect Thee!

Red Wine, How I Neglect Thee!
  I tend to be varietal-specific (Bordeaux is the main exception) when choosing a wine to purchase, but I have been accumulating several interesting red wines, so my New Year's resolution is to taste at least some of them before I forget them in the cellar or spring gets me thinking 2016 Rosé wines from Provence.
  Most of you will know that Red Wines require more work, and a unique gift for the art of 'blending', thus they are usually more expensive, and maybe I have a subconscious attitude which thinks 'bang for my buck' is with straight up Merlot, Cabernet, etcetera, even though many of these have some blending as well. Remember: In the USA a varietal specific wine needs to be at least 75% of what the label says it is, implying that a Merlot may have 25% Cabernet Sauvignon in it.
  Let's see if I keep my New Year's resolution to taste more red wines.

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