Friday, October 5, 2012

Fess Parker Frontier Red Wine Lot No. 122

Fess Parker Frontier Red Wine Lot No. 122,  $9.99-$11.99, 86 points, is crystal-clear ruby in color with a very broad transparent rim.
The aroma strikes you as the wine is poured with plum and strawberry, sweet spices, and hints of alcohol (14.9%) and shoe polish.
A near medium body has fair acidity and almost unnoticeable tannin. Though relatively light in comparison with recently reviewed red wines, it is packed with flavors of plum and red fruit, finishing very long on refreshing spice.
As is typical for the Frontier red blend, this red wine has quite an array of varietals, but what most of us want to know is it good as a party wine, for watching the football game (beer and greasy pizza, but spicy red wine and "good" pizza is better), or for that vaunted late-year barbecue? Yes, and I dare say a bottle of this wine will go a long way as well. Try one, two or three and see if you can lasso any beer drinkers into something different.

Bought at Market Basket in Londonderry with a coupon.


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