Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Snoqualmie 2010 Winemaker's select Columbia Valley Riesling


Washington State's Columbia Valley Rieslings are a force to be contended with! Well, if force is an apropos word when boasting of a wine region and one of its dominant varietals, but Germany and France are not the only producers of great Rieslings, as Chateau Ste. Michelle has shown, not only with its Eroica Riesling, but its Harvest Select and all its affordable Rieslings.
So I've selected my own grouping of Columbia Valley Rieslings which New Hampshire wine lovers can easily locate and are affordable too.
Snoqualmie 2010 Winemaker's select Columbia Valley Riesling, is 89% White Riesling, 9% Viognier, 1% Mario Muscat, 1% Black Muscat.
With a price of $9.34-$10.99, 87 points, you'll not go broke refreshing yourself and The Others as well.
Quite gold in color, and with a bold green apple aroma that carries dominantly onto the palate with noticeable sweetness, this light-plus white wine trends tart. The Others have found other fruit flavors, but I could only detect the green apple which trails into the finish with a touch of the sour.
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