Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving In New Hampshire-- Best Pinot Noir Wines Tasted For 2013

 is my choice for best Quality/Price/Ratio Pinot Noir for 2013.

Best Pinot Noir Wines Tasted For Thanksgiving In New Hampshire was going to include one best value wine, and one "best of show" to impress, but I'm changing that by adding the category of best regional (AVA) Pinot Noir wines.
Willamette Valley Oregon-Best Pinot Noir Wine Region for 2013 Thanksgiving Dinner.

Best Of Show Pinot Noir for the 2013 Thanksgiving Dinner in New Hampshire!

It is important to understand that my choices were something like 60% subjective and because Burgundy (French) Pinot Noir wines were too expensive as a whole, and some others were just too hard to find, i.e. Anton Bauer Wagram/Österreich (Austrian) 2008 Pinot Noir which was high on my list, in some sense disqualified them from my highest ranking.

As for my choice of Riesling, I have to cop-out, because Riesling is one of those consistently good and inexpensive wines, whether from California, Finger Lakes, or Columbia Valley, but just maybe EROICA Riesling was the best!
Chardonnay? See my next post which will lead me into Christmas wine tasting!

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