Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anton Bauer Wagram/Österreich (Austrian) 2008 Pinot Noir


Anton Bauer Wagram/Österreich (Austrian) 2008 Pinot Noir, $8.29-$19.99, 89 points, appears as a brilliant ruby trending near burgundy red toward a somewhat leggy broad clear rim.
Maybe the most unusual toasty clove/cinnamon spice nose of all the Pinot Noir wines in this series.
Near medium bodied with moderate acidity and tannin counter intuitively suggest a more lively red wine, almost like a light floral Chianti rather than a smooth delicate cherry nuanced Pinot Noir, but with a borderline spritz-strawberry flavor and loads of violets throughout the palate; I doubt I'd identify this one in a blind tasting.
Finishing with a lively spice and light 13% alcohol completes a surprising good wine.


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