Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine From New England To England

English Wine Producers headlines this post with: "Nine Most Popular Varieties of Wine" (In England), and began with #1: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Since I have a number of UK visitors, This Cab. is for you!
After visiting a dozen Liverpool restaurants (on-line) and going through their red-wine lists, I have discovered that you're not likely to find very many Cabernet Sauvignon wines in Great Britain from the United States*? I understand that a small sample will have its anomalies, but this is not intended to be science, rather a respectful observation.
Surprisingly, I did discover just how popular Chilean and South African Cabernet Sauvignon are in Liverpool.
A short list of US Cabs consisted of Ridge, Stags Leap Wine Cellars, Clos Du Val, Opus One, and Bogle.
Since I'm tasting Cabernet Sauvignon and a few Bordeaux Red Wines (Under-whelming variety for the French wine drinking Brits) for Christmas wine gifting, I thought I'd try and include some of those US Cabs that might be interesting to our friends "across the pond".

* Gordon Ramsay of London (Menu PDF) 4.7***** has 36 amazing pages, with one (pg. 29) dedicated to North American wines, with precious few Cabernets.


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  1. really need to try eating-establishments down south (London) to produce any results for your search for an American Cabernet sauvignon in old Blighty! I did meet an American recently, Eric Jafari, who owns a restaurant in Liverpool - Hopskotch...but I bet they don't have a Yankee Cab on their wine list either!!! In fact, I just checked, and they don't! The provinces aren't good for far flung wine selections!

    1. Vinogirl, see my link to GR's wine list: 36 amazing pgs with scarcely a US Cab! No wonder that out of 4 London restaurants, not a one would respond to my inquiries; I thought I heard laughter 8-)

  2. Oh, there's this guy who posts on $5 clearance bin wines; he needs to check the corkage fee before he visits Gordon Ramsay's London Restaurant!