Monday, December 16, 2013

Wine Reviews, a New Hampshire perspective!

Wine Reviews, a New Hampshire perspective,
up front and personal!
  I've talked about getting a NH perspective on wine before; my major problem is that the broad view of wine reviews is quantity on every side where the "broadways" often take the wine seeker to frustration-alley, because wines that often intrigue and interest us in NH are not available, unless you want to get on the unwieldy mailing lists.
  This is not intended to be a diatribe against the "Big Boy's" critiques or mailing lists, they have a place, but just as we advertise "buy local", so too we can reference reviews locally, even as we listen to local radio verses national radio.
  Okay, I'm about an audience, I don't want to just talk to myself, do you? Understanding the limits of what one does is important, I'm about taking friends and family on those figurative walks through the woods on a personally made path surrounded by Hemlocks and Hornbeams, erratics (Glacial rocks), songs of Winter wrens and the hoots of Barred owls.
  Below I have two pictures for you, one is the big highway of international wine reviews, the other is a walk where we can sit and really taste what's in that there bottle.
  Christmas is upon us, and some of us have wine lovers on their Christmas lists; what to buy? I hope you'll be pleased with my index of wines and their availability in NH. Though I'm completing my reviews of Cabernet Sauvignon, wine gifting is personal even as is each palate, but make no mistake, there is a general agreement about what is a good or great wine.
   I think what concerns many of us is the cost! This is one reason that a numerical score is helpful (many hate them). You compare Waterstone Napa Cab. that costs about $20 and scored 92 points juxtaposed to Whitehall Lane's Reserve Cab. that costs about $60 and also scored 92 points: what stands out is the cost. Those looking to please a wine lover on their Christmas list can easily make a choice between cost and name.
Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!
Don't Drink and Drive, but  feel free to come for a walk with me on a path which I and the dogs have made through the NH woods.

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