Friday, July 4, 2014

Charles & Charles Post 35 2012 Red Wine

Charles & Charles Post 35 2012 Red Wine, approximately $12 (this was a gift), 85 points, appeared as an opaque high clarity purple/red with a broad transparent rim.
Interesting aroma that evolves quickly and was very good, with blueberry, black currant, red grape, and plum.
Full bodied with good acidity and light to moderate tannin that escalates toward the finish.
Flavors followed the aroma, but hints of petroleum reminded me of  many inexpensive Northwest Merlot wines I've tasted (No Merlot here, but Cabernet/Syrah).
Finished well with lilac, spice, and just a hint of the 13.6% alcohol.


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  1. Good label for Independence Day.
    Wonder how this would be with food.
    Happy Fourth!