Monday, September 11, 2017

Quinta De Honor 20 Year Tawny Port Bottled In 2004

Quinta De Honor 20 Year Tawny Port Bottled In 2004, $33.99-$79.99, 94 points, poured a variable Mandarin orange color with sticky fat legs.
Profuse apricot, caramel, raisins, plum liqueur, and citrus notes were mesmerizing.
Full-bodied, dense, opulent, decadent, mouthwateringly acidic, mild supportive tannins, spicy, typically 19.5% alcohol warm with flavors following the fragrance all of which endured 'forever' with just a touch of sweetness.
No expert on Port am I, but I loved this wine as an aperitif, but paired with our Sticky Ginger Pudding was out of this world.


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  1. This just sounds fab: my mouth actually watered when I was reading your review :)

    1. Ha!
      Off subject, how's the heat (fires?) in Napa?
      A friend of mine in Portland says it's so bad there that breathing is sometimes tough.
      As always thanks for making this blog more relevant.

  2. When we had the heatwave, 2 weeks ago now, the air was pretty bad, smoke was moving down from Butte. Made for a nice run up to the full moon because the particulates made for a very orange la luna. But since then we have had all kinds of weather and the sky is clear, and already, the air is autumnal crisp.