Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Portuguese (Red Wines)

   Portuguese Wines by Wikipedia will have to suffice when it comes to an explanation of Red wines from Portugal, as regions, sub-regions, varietal blending (obscure grapes for most Americans) and "rules" of official designation will be subservient to "laws" of diminishing-returns in this post, because I've found so few Portuguese red wines available in New Hampshire (subject to revision).
  However, I have bought seven bottles of Portuguese red wines (excludes common Port wines), some of which I've hinted at in another post.
Examples of varietals may have the average wine lover (except for Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon) scratching their heads:
Cabernet Sauvignon
Tinta Barroca
Tinta Roriz
Tourig Franca
Tourig Nacional

List of reviewed wines:

Casa Ferreirinha Papa Figos D.O.C. 2011 Douro Red Wine (Portugal), $19.99, 89 points
Forma DE Arte Do Tejo DOC Reserva (Portugal), $14.99-$16.99, 91+ points
Herdade Do Esporão Monte Velho VNHO Regional Alentejano 2012 Red Wine, $9.99-$11.99, 84 points
José Maria da Fonseca Periquita Original 2010 Red Wine, $8.49-$11.99, 88 points
Júlio Bastos Dona Maria Vinho Regional (Alentejano) 2014 Red Wine, $8.29-$14.99, 87 points
Passadouro 2012 Tinto Douro (Portugal), $11.89-$15.99, 89 points
Porta 6 Lisboa 2012 Vinho Tinto (Red Wine), $9.86-$10.95, 88 points
Quinta do Crasto D.O.C. 2011 Douro Red Wine, $12.74-$15.99, 87 points
Quinta Do Crasto D.O.C. 2011 Douro Reserva Red Wine, $36.99, 92+ points
Quinta Do Crasto D.O.C. 2012 Douro Reserva Red Wine, $31.14-$36.99, 91 points
Quinta De Foz De Arouce Vinho Regional Beira Atlântico 2012 Red Wine (Portugal), $16.99-$19.99, 89 points
Senhora Do Convento Douro 2014 Proprietor's Red Blend (Portugal), $15.29-$35.99, 87 points
Silk And Spice 2015 Red Wine (Portugal), $11.04-$15.99, 88 points
Wine And Soul Manoella 2013 Douro Red Wine (Portugal), $16.99-$21.99, 89 points


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