Monday, November 23, 2015

Porta 6 Lisboa 2012 Vinho Tinto (Red Wine)

Porta 6 Lisboa 2012 Vinho Tinto (Red Wine), $9.86-$10.95, 88 points, appeared ruby red to maroon with bright red at the transparent wine ring.
Soft floral and dark grape smells with a hint of nutmeg were appealing.
The smooth nearly full-bodied red wine managed moderate acidity, silky tannin, flavors of cola, dark grape, and blueberry with a hint of truffle.
Finished with a well integrated 13.5% alcohol, the trailing palate, and soft spice notes.
Paired nicely, contrasting with my spicy rack of Australian ribs and roasted asparagus, though I had considered pairing with a complementing Shiraz.
If I hadn't know what wine this was, I might have guessed a fruity, slightly sweet, Merlot, and for the price, a great value, if your palate is between sweet and dry red wines.
I bought this wine at Angela's pasta and cheese.


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