Friday, July 20, 2012

Limerick Lane Cellars 2010 Cuvee Blanc

LIMERICK LANE 2010 Cuvee Blanc,
 $10.19-$23.99 (Power buy), 90 points, is 67% Sauvignon Blanc, 18% Roussane, and 15% Frumint.
The color of water with a lime hue.
A floral aroma has hints of lychee; a subtle aroma, but lovely.
The medium body is lush, refreshing, delicious, and with a fair acidity is food friendly as well as a great aperitif.
This off dry white wine is on the neutral side of flavor with hints of honey dew melon and a  nondescript citrus on the finish.


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  1. Dennis,

    Looks like an interesting blend. I was just shopping for some "other" whites and white blends--wish I would have come across this one.


    1. Judging from how many wines you've been reviewing I'm sure you have plenty, but if you are like me, a Euro-cave needs to be replaced with a real cave; nearly every day I see something I can't drink, because I just don't have the time. No wonder people do this for a living!
      I must admit, I was surprised at how much I liked this white, and just what a great buy it was. Now all I need to do is get at their Syrahs and their Zin.
      Nick, I trust all is well with you and yours,