Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Villa Jolanda Prosecco

Villa Jolanda Prosecco, $14.99, 90 points, begs the question: Is this bottle designed for children? Even the cork has a smiley-face! Photographically, I love it, but is there a danger here?
To the wine:
Typical water colors with brassy tints, nice citrus nose, poured foamy, yet continued with a Prosecco-like volcanic stream of fizz for some time, And with an extra-light body and tart citrus flavors accentuated by a bright acidity, this is a winner Prosecco. Finishes long on grapefruit rind.

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  1. Dennis,

    That's got to be the most colorful bottle of wine that I've ever seen. I was half expecting to see a Sesame Street character frolicking in the background. Anyway, it beats Joe Camel.


    1. Nick, you are right-on with Sesame Street, and I wonder if some child gets one of these bottles if the lawyers would be jumping at the bit to go after the merchants!