Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decoy Sonoma County 2010 Zinfandel

Decoy Sonoma County 2010 Zinfandel, $12.99-$24.99, 91 points, is my "best-buy" table-wine of the year!
Caveat emptor [Latin, Let the buyer beware.], this is not a smooth, gentle Merlot, nor is it a lush and rich Cabernet Sauvignon, a jammy Lodi Zin, a smooth Russian River Zinfandel, or a thin-tasting "white" Zinfandel, but a brightly intense dry red wine good enough to stand alone or better with spicy foods (Pepperoni pizza comes to mind), but remember that at $12.99 you're getting better than a $25 bottle of wine! No one has paid me to say this, and no wine was given to me. This determination has been distilling in my mind for some time now, ever since it became a NHLS "Power-buy". I have steered several people in this direction over the last few months, and I told them to scold me if I wasn't right about this wine; that invitation holds true to you too,

Decoy Sonoma County 2010 Zinfandel has a bright crystal ruby color.
The aroma is cinnamon, clove, red cherry and a floral quality.
A medium body carries food-friendly acidity, moderate tannin for firmness, bramble berry and red cherry fruit, with a moderate finish bursting with spice and trailing on a hint of heat (14.5% alcohol).
Decoy Winery


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  1. I remember when this was the low-end blend from Duckhorn. I guess it's where they used to dump all the Cab and Merlot that didn't make the cut for the expensive wines. It was always a solid effort back in the mid-90s. Looks like they've developed an entire brand with the Decoy label now.

    1. Bill, this is the third vintage of Decoy Zin I've tasted and commented on, but you may not remember that I was hesitant to buy another Decoy wine after my disappointment with their red wine.
      As for the Decoy line of wines, it is my understanding that Duckhorn intends to streamline their brand, and Decoy is to become a major focus. When I see the distributor I'll ask him to comment on the subject.

  2. Dennis,

    I've often seen this wine around, but haven't pulled the trigger due to a past negative experience with a Decoy Merlot. You've convinced me to give it a try.



    1. Nick, I had the same experience with their red wine, but I've been so impressed with the QPR of the Zin and Cab, that yesterday I bought another Decoy Red; to be reviewed!