Saturday, November 10, 2012

Edmeades Mendocino County 2009 Zinfandel

Edmeades Mendocino County 2009 Zinfandel, $14.99-$16.99, 89 points, has a slightly cloudy ruby color with orange tints and a broad clear rim.
The aroma is toasty red grape and sweet red licorice.
Having good acidity, mild tannin, and some heat (15.5% alcohol), plenty of flavors complement here; with red cherry, java, licorice and eucalyptus, but the finish is only fair with the trailing palate, some spice, and more heat.
This is a value Zinfandel, if you like a bit of heat, but the flavor is very good.


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  1. It's not that value priced is it though, considering one of the Goats Do Roam in my class the other night had come all the way from South Africa, was perfectly drinkable and was only $8.99 - How do they do it? My class is reinforcing my belief that Cal. wines are way over-priced!

    1. Vinogirl, how did you know that the Goats Do Roam (I have a bottle not yet tasted)was a perfectly "drinkable" wine? What would it take to get the average wine drinker to buy a bottle? How many other not so good So. African wines would they have had to go through to know that this is a perfectly drinkable wine while the others were not?
      This is what I try to do for friends and family here in NH with my little wine blog.

  2. Vinogirl, you want me to think about this?
    Okay, when you taste a Zinfandel wine from South Africa that is $8.99 and can compare with this one, I'll be convinced.
    Tomorrow, Market Basket starts a sale of Cupcake wines including The Velvet red (2009), for $6.99, which I previously bought for $8.99, but I scored the wine 88 points (meaning I really liked it). So, what does that mean? I'm not sure, but I'll stick with the Edmeades as a value Zin, because of what it offers: a very good Zin at a reasonable price.
    I can't tell how many sh!ty wines I bought for about $10.00 and could only drink half the bottle, and that makes it a $20.00 wine to me. That means, if I had my last $20, and wanted a bottle of wine, I'd rather spend the whole $20 on a good bottle of wine rather than something I have to reluctantly swallow or not even finish. I know! TMI:(
    Thinking after a long day of work! Thanks for keeping the gray-matter "The Body Electric"!

  3. Well, I had had 'Goats' before my class, and if I remember correctly, I bought it in Cost Plus simply because I laughed at the pun. For $under-ten, I'm not expecting an earth-shattering wine, but from previous experience I know it's pretty hard to foul up a Syrah or Grenache based wine, so it'll probably be something that is just swallow-able...nothing more, nothing less. Growing up drinking European wines I am, compared to Vinomaker, a lot more forgiving of the less-than-earth-shattering. Keep on exploring wines as a community service :)