Monday, November 5, 2012

Paraiso Santa Lucia Highlands Monterey County 2008 Riesling

Paraiso Santa Lucia Highlands Monterey County 2008 Riesling, approximately $16.00, 87 points, is lemon/lime in color, and the aroma, though not offensive, was a bit like Vaseline and lemon.
This light bodied white wine is just off-dry and has good acidity, and with flavors of lychee, cantaloupe, and lemon, has some complexity.
The finish is fair with some ginger spice and a sour note.


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  1. Good ol' Petrol. It's one of the hardest things for me to overcome in Riesling (like heavy oak in white wines). I have a bottle of Alsatian in the fridge, who knows how long it will be there. We just don't drink a lot of Riesling, even though soooo many people tell me that we should. Pshaw. There is, however, no denying its compatibility with food. I definitely prefer Riesling on the dry side.

    Paraiso makes good wine. We were there about 4 or 5 years ago when we drove through Monterey. I'm a fan of their Pinot Noir, or I was the last time I tasted it.

    1. Hello Claire!
      Yeah, the Petrol in Australian RSL almost got me to quit tasting RSL, but I've been impressed with NW RSLs and German RSLs, although the Firestone and J.Lohr were excellent California RSLs too.
      I think if someone asked me this minute what my favorite white wines are, I'd have to say Riesling! Always an adventure, always different, and sometimes "sooooo" delicious I could just sit and drink the whole bottle; you know what I mean :0 And with Asian cuisine: YUM!
      Claire, you've been soooo encouraging to me, continuing to read and comment on this wine adventure of mine, and no one has quite the pizzazz in their Pshaw as you do ;-)

    2. I prefer WA Riesling the most, I think. I also like CA Riesling- particularly Central Coast - & even Australian. It varies by the bottle. Two of my favorites are Murphy's Law & Poet's Leap, both out of WA.

      I agree, Riesling rocks Asian food. It's also good with chili, believe it or not. I tend to picture red wine with chili, but hey, it works!

      Aw, you're going to make me blush.

      (That's not true - I don't blush very easily.)