Saturday, November 24, 2012

SALMoN RUN Finger Lakes 2011 Riesling

SALMoN RUN Finger Lakes 2011 Riesling,
$10.99-$13.99, 90 points, is a very light lime color with a gray tone.
The aroma is watermelon rind with apple blossom.
A light-plus bodied white wine with excellent acidity, making for that Asian cuisine food friendliness.
Flavors consist of pome, with tart apple dominant, but hints of citrus and minerals make for a crisp-clean white wine that will not disappoint. The finish is a trailing of the palate.
There's not a lot of complexity, but that's not what we're (I'm) looking for here, rather, I'm looking for an off dry to dry white wine with a pleasant flavor to sip or pair with fish, brown fried rice, and a PoPo Platter.
I continue to be impressed with these Finger lakes Rieslings! I think you will be too.   


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  1. I have had two FL Rieslings - Red Tail Ridge and Lamoreaux Landing - both delightful.
    Don't know about that blue glass!!!!!