Thursday, October 10, 2013

CanalettO IGT 2009 Pinot Noir

CanalettO IGT 2009 Pinot Noir, $8.99-$10.99, 84 points, appears with a light coppery/ruby red color with a clear rim.
Aromatic sweet red cherry with a hint of bourbon, even though the alcohol is only 12%, is pleasant.
Light to medium body carries fair acidity but sharp tannin, mouth puckering, tart, and astringent, which is unlike any other Pinot Noir I've tasted.
Unusually strong oak and bourbon flavors remind me of some other Italian wines, but fruit flavors are wanting, yet red and black cherry with hints of black olive are subtle and okay.
The finish deepens the wine complexity a bit with spice and persistent tannin.
I bought this Pinot Noir at the Londonderry Hannaford's Supermarket.

Just a note about what I'm finding in "Supermarket" wine being offered in the greater Manchester area: Some Hannaford's stores are doing a great job with their variety and still providing a fair price. Fresh Market and Harvest Market in Bedford also has a good variety. Angela's Pasta and Cheese in Manchester makes it their "mission" to provide more unusual wines at fair prices as well. Though there are many other stores, boutiques, wine shops (feel free to add yours in the comments), the stores listed are the ones I most frequent; the State Liquor Stores being the largest, and once again, when I don't mention which store I bought a wine, it is assumed that I bought the wine at the NH State Liquor (Outlets) stores.
There is a store which I didn't mention that has a good selection, but when I brought one of their wines to the check-out, it was determined that the price on the bottle was incorrect and was not offered to me at that price, so sorry, I don't shop there anymore.


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  1. I'm surprised this was even this good. Italian Pinot Noir is insipid by nature. Even more so when it's cheap jug Pinot.

    1. John, in my lexicon of scores, this is my lowest score given for a PN! Somewhere in Italy, I have faith, there is at least a 90 point PN, and if I can find it, I will.

  2. Dennis, I'm ready for you to get back into the 90 range before I head down to my local government-controlled liquor establishment and have a peek around. Though I'm enjoying the autumn display you've done here. 84 is a no-go for me!

    1. Hi Ben 8-)
      Tomorrow's entry should be right up your alley, but a bit pricy. Ethan was just here, but didn't stay long enough to taste this one with fresh barbecued baby-backs, but what can I say, Scott's party was about to happen! Congratulations to Scott!

  3. Oh, being a Louis Latour PN, it should be available where you are!