Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Benziger North Coast 2013 Sauvginon Blanc

I don't suppose that wine blogs
 pay too much attention to Independence Day,
 but I usually like to stick to American Wines at this time of year,
 and I do like incorporating a bit of my patriotism in my photographs as well.
This year
 I'd like to add a small tribute to those which served our country;
 Yesterday I posted this tribute on Face Book
 to those who personally affected my well-being as an American.
Independence Day
and I, with much ambivalence about what goes on in the Land of the Brave and the Free,
 knowing that so many gave up so much for me and my children, stand in awe.
I now take the time to thank all those patriots that helped to secure those freedoms we yet have,
 especially my dad Alexander, Alexander Demos,
 Raymond Caron, Lt. Col. Dahlberg, Pete P. who died in the Viet Nam war, L. Rendell, Charles B.,
my Marine brother-in-law and his son.
 To the Unknown soldiers,
 sailors, and airmen which have too often been forgotten.
Thank you for your service!

To The Wine!
Benziger North Coast 2013 Sauvginon Blanc, $7.64-$11.99, 87 points, was more a glossy gold color, but the glass shallows were more a foggy gray.
Smells of light citrus and pome were okay.
Typically Cali light-bodied, crisp with good acidity (enough acidity to easily bite through my spiced fried Halibut), and lively, a bit one dimensional, but robust enough to drink as a stand alone white wine.
Subtle flavors of orange peel, pear, and honeysuckle were okay too.
Finished on the trailing palate, a hint of ginger, and the 13.5% alcohol which were okay as well.
It will be hard to find a better $8 SB than this.


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