Saturday, July 4, 2015

UVAGGIO Lodi 2011 (Primitivo) Zinfandel

UVAGGIO Lodi 2011 (Primitivo) Zinfandel,
$10.19-$18.99, no points given (spoiled bottle), was a deep maroon purple/red, but everything else was less a red, white, and blue celebration and more a stinky barnyard blues; the foul flavor followed the smell.
I don't often buy (just bought in June of this year) a bad bottle of wine, but this was just awful, and for the $10.19, it's not worth the hassle of returning it to the NHLS, but I'll not buy another. Now if the distributor wants to replace it with a "good" bottle, then fair enough; I'll not hold my breath waiting!


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  1. Spoiled? In what way? Was it corked?

    1. VG: I like to stay away from technical matters when it comes to criticisms, but I thought the "barnyard" descriptor would be the clue you needed. The cork was fine, and it did not taste stewed, but I had to almost spit it out!