Saturday, July 25, 2015

Caballero De La Cepa Reserva 2012 Malbec

Caballero De La Cepa Reserva 2012 Malbec, $15.29-$19.99, 86 points, poured a deep ruby with a clear wine ring.
Ironically I always find myself conflicted when a wine has a dominant "grapey" smell, but with black currant, brine, and hints of chocolate, red/black grape smells were what impressed me.
Full-bodied with fair to good acidity, firm to almost astringent tannin, and flavors appropriately reflective of the nose with mulberry notes paired satisfactorily with our pepperoni pizza.
Finished okay with a slight bitterness, spice, a hint of tobacco, and a well integrated 14% alcohol.


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