Sunday, December 6, 2015

Buehler Russian River Valley 2013 Chardonnay

Buehler 2013 Chardonnay, $11.99-$19.99, 91 points, poured a bright bass color trending clear toward the glass edge.
Soft floral aromas with a hint of melon were excellent.
Light-bodied for a Cali Chardonnay (medium) with good acidity and lovely equally light, but focused flavors of pineapple and grapefruit were delightful. With just the slightest hint of oak (good), a limestone minerality, and a slightly creamy texture, Buehler walks the tightrope over French oak, malolactic fermentation, and sur-lie aging with finesse.
Finished long on tropical fruit, a hint of ginger, and a well-balanced 13.9% alcohol (Nicely done).
Paired perfectly with my fried duck breast, mac and cheese.
It will be hard to find a better white wine, never mind the more expensive Chardonnay, than this one.
You might remember that this is one of my
go to wineries.


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  1. I noticed the other bottle is a 2009...any comparison?

    1. More than four years ago I said this about the 2009:
      This Chardonnay, right now (My opinion of course), is the BEST bargain in New Hampshire White Wine: Buehler Chardonnay is crisp, refreshing, and tangy, it has minerality, just a tiny toastiness disavowing its Chablis like character, and more real or imagined fruit flavors than the farmer's market.