Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vina Robles Estate 2015 'White 4' White Wine (Paso Robles)


Vina Robles Estate 2015 'White 4' White Wine (Paso Robles), $6.79-$15.99, 90 points, was a light straw yellow color.
Aromatic bubble gum and pome blossoms with delicate hints of green melon and black pepper were quite nice.
The light-plus body with good acidity transmuted four varietals (Viognier 49%, Sauvignon Blanc 23%, Verdelho 20%, and Vermentino 8%) into a coherent gestalt with a balanced flavor profile of vanilla, ginger, honeydew melon, and a hint of guava.
Finished long on an amazingly reigned-in 14.5% alcohol, the trailing palate, and a soft stoniness.
Paired fine with my cheese enchiladas.
Just look at this close-out price; if you're having need of white wine for a gathering, this one could save you a bundle, and please the crowd too.


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  1. What an interesting combination of varietals.
    Did you get the wine for the close-out price?

    1. VG: ($6.79-$15.99,) As posted, I always pay the first price unless noted.
      Would love to get your perfect palate points on this one; Griff (friend) tasted Swiss cheese.