Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FreakShow 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon (Michael David Red Wine)

American Freak-show
 is usually what I get from high alcohol Michael David wines, but this Cabernet weighs-in at a modest 14.5% alcohol,
 and with all the good whispers I've heard under the wine-drinkers gossip-tent,
 I was hypnotized into juggling a number of these bottles.
 Will I fumble, or will MD laugh at me all the way to the bank?
Is the hand faster than the eye?
We shall see if "In vino veritas" needs a net!

FreakShow 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon (Michael David Red Wine), $15.19-$21,99, 89 points, poured black at the core trending a deep purple/red toward the leggy glass wall and a clear rim-ring.
The smells were not circus smells, but quite the opposite, with wonderful sweet cooking spices, blueberry, cedar, and a whiff of alcohol (14.5%) being very pleasant.
Nearly full-bodied with ample acidity and rather tame tannin made this Cabernet a ready to drink now red wine.
Plum, cola, licorice, mulberry, and coffee flavors deserved applause, and the subtle woody finish with hints of spice and a caged alcohol could rate an ovation, but I didn't freak-out over FreakShow.
Ladies and gentlemen, no one will make a monkey out of you for spending twenty bucks for this wine, and the label alone is worth ten bucks just for the conversation it will inspire; no clowning around:-) I hate clowns! Well, most of them! Cheers!


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