Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nickle & Nickle Far Niente Napa Valley 2008 Chardonnay

Nickle & Nickle Far Niente Napa Valley 2008 Chardonnay, $48.44-$56.99, 94 points, poured out of the smelter's crucible a rich gold color.
An aromatic array unusual to most Cali Chardonnay managed lime, flowers, saffron, and melon notes, all most pleasant.
Medium-bodied, fair-plus acidity, clean flavors, as if tasted through the looking glass of the aromas, were glossed in gossamer inkling(s)* of wet stone.
Finished long on the trailing palate, a blended 14.3% alcohol, and warm black pepper with hints of ginger.
Good wine is the consternation of good palates and costly to the poor purses.

*For British conversation.

Music apropos for our wine tasting:
We Are Family


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