Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Roux Père & Fils Bourgogne 2013 Chardonnay (France)

Roux Père and Fils Bourgogne 2013 Chardonnay, $16.14-$21.99, 91 points, poured a brassy bronze color.
The aroma was soft pome blossom with an almost nondescript hazelnut aroma.
Less than medium-bodied, good acidity, having a light floral, stony, citrusy lime with a twist of crab apple flavors.
Pure long finish of ginger, a hint of juniper-berry. and a well integrated 12.5% alcohol satisfied.
I paired this with bone-in spiced pork chops, bread battered, and fried with bacon fat, but I'd pair this with most poultry dishes, mac-and-cheese, Asian cuisine, fish and seafood.
I couldn't find out much about this wine, but I didn't taste any oak at all: My kind of Chardonnay! So, if you're looking for big, buttery, butterscotch Cali Chardonnay here, forget it!

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