Monday, November 16, 2015

Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum 2012 Malbec (Cahors, France)

Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum 2012 Malbec (Cahors, France), $6.99-$29.99, 86+ points, was a deep purple/red with a clear wine ring and thick legs.
Smells of dark grapes, mulberry, and hints coffee were good.
Medium-plus body with fair acidity and mild tannin managed a fruit-forward red wine, with blueberries and mulberries taking the fore, while cherry notes accented the late palate with a hint of white pepper, and was a bit tart.
Finished on the trailing palate, a European utilitarian 12.5% alcohol, and a touch of Candy Cain .
I'd consider this to be a Red Table-wine, and would pair with lighter red meat cuisines, or as I would a Pinot Noir.


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