Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NHWM's Milestone of One Million Views

NHWM's Milestone of One Million Views is nothing much in the blogosphere, but the more than five year effort means much to me!

Milestones in one's life can be as exciting as Tom Brady wining another Super bowl or as provincial as my blog (NHWM) passing one million views; since I never thought that humble milestone would come to pass.
I'm grateful to friends and family, but also to strangers which have inspired me to keep going with this.
For me and some friends and family members, it is cause for celebration. Here are the wines I brought to the celebration (International wines were a must):

Of course I'll give my usual straight forward reviews, and some of these wines have already been reviewed, but in advance or as a  "revisit review" will be in order, and as always I invite the participants to contribute.

Castello Banfi DI Montalcino 2004 Brunello, $49.29-$57.99, 93 points, poured a more cranberry red trending a bit orange at the glass edge than I remembered it from four and a half years ago.
Aromas were black and red cherry with a whiff of the 13.5% alcohol.
Medium-bodied with good acidity and still supportive layered and grainy tannins carried more bourbon-like notes than I remembered, but straight forward cherry notes were quite good.
Finished long on the trailing palate, a hint of mint, and excellent pepper accents.
This was a favorite celebratory treat for some of the wine tasters.


May 2011 Review: Banfi Castello 2004 Brunello DI Montalcino


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  1. Great vintage and an excellent wine for them

    1. John, we liked it more than some! Talked to this guy at the wine store this afternoon and he said: Banfi was his go to Italian winery! I'd agree with that!

  2. Congrats on the cool mill...much further along than me.

    1. Thx! "further along than" you? That doesn't make sense; listen to David ("Prometheus") and that's my mission for Vinsanity: TryHarder

  3. Vinogirl/Vinsanity maiden, if you haven't noticed my "TryHarder comment above, you'll probably never understand why "aliens" exist in wine country, but here's Bonny Doon's proof (see labels) that they do: Bonny'sAliens