Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hahn Winery Estate Santa Lucia Highlands 'S~L~H' 2014 Pinot Noir

Hahn Winery Estate Santa Lucia Highlands 'S~L~H' 2014 Pinot Noir, $24.99-$29.99, 90 points, poured an unusual Pantone Burgundy color terminating with a broad clear wine ring.
Pinot Noir is seldom so fragrant; the S~L~H is grapy, dusty, earthy, and floral.
Medium-bodied with good acidity, mellow underlayment of tannin, stout backbone of 14.5% alcohol, and good cherry flavors with trailing notes of plum and alcohol inspirited hot spices.
Paired perfectly with my chicken cacciatore and warm garlic toast.
Hahn has proved that a great Pinot Noir can be purchased for far less than $40, and just why I list Hahn Family Estates Winery a "go to" winery.


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  1. That's quite a specific colour description, wow!

  2. VG: Eying a color is okay, but I'm finding a new accuracy with color images provided by many different cyber sources. This wine was particularly difficult to nail-down.