Monday, July 16, 2018

Bodega Calle 'El Necio' Reserve 2014 Syrah


Bodega Calle 'El Necio' Reserve 2014 Syrah, $9.49-$18.99, 90 points, poured a deep ruby red with a broad clear wine ring and dense hanging legs.
Aromatic floral plum, cocoa, bacon fat, and black olives were excellent.
Medium-bodied with good acidity and a firm underlayment of tannin supported a moderately smooth texture and delicious flavors of black olives, cherry cola, peat, and licorice.
Finished long on the fading palate, tobacco, escalating pepper spices, and an appropriate 14% alcohol.


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  1. Really enjoying these Syrah write-ups, which reminds me that I haven't had a Syrah of late.
    (Read 'El Necco' when I first looked at this.)

    1. Ha! The mind is an amazing thing! Yours is more so. ;)