Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Eroica (Chateau Ste Michelle-Dr. Loosen) 2015 Columbia Valley Riesling

Eroica (Chateau Ste Michelle-Dr. Loosen) 2015 Columbia Valley Riesling, $17.99-$21.99, 91 points, was a light gold color.
Aromas of lemons, apples, and a light petrol note were pleasant.
Light-bodied (off-dry) with good acidity and flavors that rightly reflected the aromas were pleasant too.
Finished typically on a 12% alcohol, a hint of ginger, and a chorus of minerality.
Paired remarkably well with a smorgasbord of appetizers, but my favorite was simple sharp cheddar with crisp toasted wheat crackers; others preferred the sautéed scallops.
An interesting human element to the wine itself was how a Rechabite (teetotaller) was coaxed into tasting this wine: "I hate wine, but give me a sip. Wow! This is the only wine I've tasted that I like; the alcohol is non-obtrusive too."


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    1. VG: Year after year, the best Riesling I know of! Help me find another!