Thursday, July 26, 2018

July 26, 2018 Marks Eight Years Of New Hampshire Wineman's Wine Blogging!

Eight Years, 3,000 Posts, and a Few Good Friends Later on a Rough Trail Experiencing Wines!

I still stop for one of my "go to" wines.
I'm always amazed at just how fast time flies; it seems like yesterday I began this sometimes blusterous business of blogging, but it has been a decidedly difficult and demanding discipline regardless of what some may assume (I've seen many come and go).
If you've been following me, my blundering beginnings began here at Newbie Me And Zin, but along the way more graceful people than I helped to prolong this sometimes and by 'all' (you know who you are) accounts less than honorable hobby.
Either way, I'm still here (three thousand posts later), still tasting and finding opportunities to engage others in the business of wine, proclaiming wine is for food, all wines are not created equal, and In Vino Veritas!

Ben, who along the way has been a favorite wine pal and inspiration, helped make this occasion so much fun!

à votre santé!
Στην υγειά σας


Chúc mừng
في صحتك

Well, you get the picture!

Some reflections on eight years of wine blogging.
The New Hampshire Wineman blog is not designed to be a Wine Spectator type of resource, but a local, NH based advocate for friends and family, and if others outside of NH benefit from my relatively few reviews (approx. 3,000), then all-well-and good.
I have not solicited or facilitated advertisements, and my web host will not sponsor advertising for this blog (ad sense), but now that I'm retired I am open to the idea.
Though no wineries have seen enough value in this blog to inquire about advertising or have even offered me wines to review, and after eight years, not a single sponsor even seems interested, which is really no big deal, but curiously makes me wonder about winery’s promotional goals and marketing, especially when there are wineries I boast upon regularly and enthusiastically (their wines are good to great), but maybe their wines sell themselves! No matter!
As to scoring wines, and I have covered that often enough, but to recap, if a wine receives a score of 90 points or higher, that wine might just be worth purchasing for $20 or more; if a wine scores under 85 points, I won’t buy it again, unless extraordinary circumstances intercede; all others are ‘Merlots’ in the middle.
So, keeping scores helps me to remember to either buy a wine again or not. Can you remember how much you liked or paid for a particular wine you tasted years ago?

I know many people that have a favorite wine, and that’s all they buy year after year, and I have met many wine drinkers that are only interested in buying as inexpensive a wine as possible; that’s cool! The NHWM will not likely be of any interest or help to these stalwarts of predictability, but for the adventurer, we can challenge each other to get out of the proverbial box and taste a Petit Verdot or a Verdelho (pretty hard to find either of these wines here in NH).
The future of this blog? Who can tell, but steady as you go is the watchword.
I’m still finding photo-thieves out there, plagiarizers true to our corrupt culture, and difficulties with my blog-host, but for now, this hobby will continue as before, not particularly sophisticated, but hopefully helpful enough to benefit some ships in the night!


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  1. 3,000 posts? Congratulations and here's to 3,000 more!
    (Nice SB.)