Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Black Stallion Estate Winery Napa Valley 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

Black Stallion Estate Winery Napa Valley 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, $14.99-$18.99, 91 points, was a hardware brass color which transitioned clear at the glass shallows.
Aromatic honeysuckle, lemon-grass, and a hint of juniper were excellent.
Black Stallion Estate 2015 SB was light, crisp, refreshing, and delicious; I'm beginning to believe that the 2015 vintage is showing itself to be a grand vintage.
Flavors of fresh-cut grass, lemon zest, hints of Marshmallow Peanut Candy, and honeydew melon were outstanding if but a straight-forward Cali Sauvignon Blanc (not a derogatory comment).
Finished fair with a floral vibe, a hint of ginger, and a sweet-spot 13.5% alcohol.
Paired perfectly with my fresh fried Icelandic cod loin and garden salad.


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  1. Okay, so this review surprises me: I personally have had no luck with Black Stallion wines.

  2. VG: Their web-site is a bit cumbersome, and I did link to the page that showed this wine scoring a 'real' out of whack 98 points (JMHO)Double-Gold; the judges must have been hungry and thirsty like I was.
    What's left is for you to taste the 2015, and for ????$, you can hardly go wrong!

  3. Perhaps I should taste it to get on the same page as you.

    1. You could surprise Vinomaker with a blind-tasting; you know, a nonchalant table-wine with say a Garlic Roasted Dungeness Crab. Oh, don't forget that last ingredient!