Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dry Creek Vineyard Wilson Ranch 2014 Chenin Blanc

Dry Creek Vineyard Wilson Ranch 2014 Chenin Blanc, $9.34-$13.99, 90 points, poured an exceptionally light brass color trending water clear at the glass bowl.
Lemon and honeysuckle on the nose were wonderful.
Light, crisp, lively, with good acidity managed well the dominant flavor of lemon accented by passion fruit, juniper, and a hint of circus peanut candy.
Finished long on the trailing palate, a hint of white pepper, invigorating touch of tartness, wet stoniness, and a perfect 13% alcohol (delicious cold or warm).
The back label rightly advocates pairing this with oysters on the half-shell, but this 2014 Chenin Blanc paired perfectly with my roasted chicken.
Dry Creek wants you to know that this is a dry white wine, even including a note that residual sugar (RS) being at 0.6%; so, there it is.


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  1. You had me at passion fruit...must find this wine.

  2. Best domestic Chenin. Dirt cheap. Wish it were easier to find.

    1. John: it's a difficult domestic varietal to find in NH, and I buy them as I find them, which isn't too often, but I'm sure that this is more than a worthy Chenin Blanc; 2014 was a much better vintage than the 2009 (JMO).