Sunday, July 24, 2016

Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen Muscat (Australia)

Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen Muscat (Australia), $16.49 (375 ml), 87 points, is a 'sticky' having that beautiful copper color with an orange tint close to the leggy glass wall.
Lovely pungent aromas of rum and raisins with hints of caramel were outstanding.
Full-bodied to the point of viscous, with fair acidity and flavors that richly mirrored the aromas were all carried deep into the long finish of considerable heat from the 19% alcohol
Paired okay with my pecan pie and French vanilla ice-cream.


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  1. I bought this wonderful pecan pie and just had to try this 'sticky', but I'm quite sure that I would have enjoyed it more around Christmas time instead of July's 94 degrees! It's a sipper of a sticky, powerful and similar to a Port!