Sunday, July 31, 2016

Vinsanity, The Wine Blog From Over-there To Over-here

  For those interested in wine and follow the NHWM blog, my emphasis has always been based on presenting wines tasted with an appropriate respect for the wine-lover's sensibilities, especially in the Great Granite State of New Hampshire, no matter if the wine-lover's wine is a five dollar bottle of Sutter Merlot or a two hundred dollar bottle of Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon; my goal from the beginning has been to encourage those interested in wine to explore and share their explorations, and after six years of stumbling through one wine review after another, I still consider myself a 'Newbie' wine taster and not such a great writer, but despite all of that, there are axioms which still hold true no matter who the wine writer/taster is: "In vino veritas", wine is subjective (maybe 50% subjective), and you usually get what you've paid for.
  Along the way I have noted several bloggers of importance to me, writers of diligence and writers of exceptional talent, both as wine tasters and writers, some more casual than others, but, and I'm awkwardly getting to the point of this post, there are those tasters/writers who become 'real' companions in the intangible cyber-world; they make wine blogging a very 'human' thing; it's hard to be 'human' in such a chaotic and busy world, it's hard to take the time to be part of other's lives and endeavors, cause it's like being in your car: you're insulated and separated; you're going somewhere and there's a goal, a destination of imperative which drowns-out other human-beings who are mutated into machines that just seem to get in the way of your goal.
  There's a financial aspect to all of this (oops, that seals the deal); anyone remember Bella Vino? This was always my favorite wine boutique, but alas Bella Vino fell by the wayside.
  New Hampshire is famous or infamous, depending on your role in the wine industry, but for those wine boutiques struggling to stay afloat in an anemic economy, marketing ideas have to come from somewhere; bloggers are a resource, a reservoir of ideas that ought to be heeded if trends are really relevant in marketing, from tiny cans of ready to drink wines to kegs of wines; think Italy where the local store has a barrel of wine and you bring your own bottle and fill it for the day, creative approaches to selling your wines, just might be in a wine blog.
Here's where a diamond in the ruff Vinsanity wine blog comes in: this "link away" creative resource brings together a homespun reservoir of ideas and humanity; yup, I said it: "humanity"; get real, treat people like they're important, and you, Mr./Mrs. Vintner, don't know everything about wine.
  Now, get real and don't forget to be a creative marketer.
Vinsanity's report on the frequent-filler-program is just that, a creative marketing idea.

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  1. You accuse me of being human...and I go and post a photo of my dog. I suppose there is room in the wine-world for all creatures :)

    Thanks for the mention, I take it as a great compliment coming from someone like you - who tastes so many different wines. And writes with such clarity about how you find them. Keep up the great writing.

    1. VG: I really wanted to mention the chronicling of Vinodogs over these many years, but I struggled to express your "Link-away", wine blogs as a resource (yours in particular), and my thoughts of people being 'real' and marketing; yet when I 'left-clicked' my mouse on the upper link of this post, lo-and-behold, there was Vinodog 2 all beautiful and hug-able! I'm glad she's on the mend!