Saturday, December 20, 2014

Borsao Tres Picos 2012 Garnacha

Borsao Tres Picos 2012 Garnacha, $14.99-$16.99, 89+ points, poured an opaque ruby with flashes of maroon, and a broad clear rim at the leggy glass wall.
Aromas of lively lingonberry jam with grape notes and a toasty plum were very good.
Medium-plus bodied red wine carried good acidity, firm, yet refined tannins with flavors of cranberry and violets, leather and pomegranate, while mulberry, roses, and plum liqueur added-up to a fair complexity.
Finished well on licorice, cola, spice, and warmth from the 15% alcohol.


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  1. Sounds quite delightful for the price.

    1. VG: 15% abv is to be expected? I understand that you prefer lower abv, but here it is well done!