Saturday, June 13, 2015

L'Ecole Columbia Valley No. 41 Old Vines 2013 Chenin Blanc

L'Ecole Columbia Valley No. 41 Old Vines 2013 Chenin Blanc, $14.44-$18.99, 92 points, appeared a bright brass color trending dark gray at the glass shallows.
Aromatic orange peel, orchard blossoms, and a hint of pineapple were lovely.
Medium-bodied, but crisp and dry enough to deceive one into believing that it is a light-bodied white wine; displaying so much fruit also gave the impression of sweetness without a hint of being cloying.
Lively acids cut through Hawaiian chicken and white asparagus in a cheddar cheese sauce with no problem.
Citrus and pome flavors were complex and accented by tropical fruit carried by an unctuous texture sealed this Chenin Blanc's first place in my admittedly short list of Chenin Blanc wines.
Finished long on pear, exciting ginger notes, and a well integrated 13.5% alcohol.



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    1. Sorry VG! You said "I wish more people would grow Chenin Blanc." If it was this good! Indeed!